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    Marketing – The Metrics Of Facebook PPC & Pay Per Click

    facebook pay per click adsMaking use of PPC (Pay Per Click) and Online Ads, is hitherto, one of the most viable options of drawing clients to one’s website in the contemporary business world.

    Using available online tools such as google Ads, business owners can now showcase their Ads in the sponsored results while paying an agreed amount every time a person clicks through the ad. In this latest marketing model, Facebook is equally no longer just a social networking platform where one can stalk former school mates or catch up with the latest trends in friend’s lives.

    On the contrary, Facebook has evolved into a powerful marketing tool using the same model as other pay per click Ad sites. With Facebook Ads, one can easily target the right audience based on their interests and location in a bid to get their products or services onto these audience with an established interest on the marketed products.

    This form of marketing using Facebook is a flexible means that allows products and brands to reach their intended audience with the help of demographic and polished interest data based on the individuals unique personas such as their likes or watched movies.

    Differences Between Facebook Marketing & Facebook PPC

    Understanding the unique differences in marketing using Facebook (both PPC and Facebook marketing) will prove quite beneficial to any enterprising business or persons keen on maximizing on these marketing mediums. Given, some companies use both Facebook ads and PPC for marketing. The overriding assumption is often that both mediums are the same. However, Facebook Ads and PPC are quite diverse forms of advertising.

    Consequentially, choosing the best medium of advertising between the two calls for a matching of the set objectives vis-à-vis the unique aspects of each platform.

    In this regard, Facebook ads offer better opportunities to brand products or services using the Facebook platform in a bid to drive product awareness. This is achieved by Facebook’s uniqueness in offering deeper targeting using demographic data which is excellent in matching ads to the specific interest of an audience across the sales stratum. Furthermore, through Facebook ads, a relationship can be built between the marketer and the target audience since interaction is done at a social level.

    User Interaction and Time Optimization with Facebook PCC

    This mode of suing Facebook ads differs from PPC which is a more contextual form of client targeting that involves targeting clients when they are actively involved in searching out the service or product. With PPC therefore, an enterprise is bound to have an almost instantaneous return on investment since most people using PPC have a higher purchasing intent. Furthermore, PPC offers better client interaction with the search engine which are often times optimized in order to drive visibility. When a Facebook user for instance clicks on this ads, they are redirected to the sites where the products or services are offered.

    Therefore, Facebook PPC and Ads equally operate with the same model as any other pay per click ads with the noteworthy difference being the mode of targeting. Understanding the fact that most Facebook users are probably not in Facebook for shopping (as they would be on search engines), but mostly to interact with their loved ones and friends should be the overriding understanding for most marketers. Consequentially, marketing should be done with this in mind.

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    Reliable Cogniflex Review

    The Most Reliable Cogniflex Review You Will Find Online

    At this moment, there are possibly over a hundred different brain boosting medications and supplements available in the market today. You have seen ads of these on your Facebook accounts and tons of college kids tweeting about how effective these are during their tests.

    Now, one brand has been mentioned several times in the past few months: Cogniflex.

    It’s understandable if you find it very hard to believe what is said about these nootropics and what a challenge it is to choose one among so many. So if you came across this article by accident, or if you are really finding a good review about Cogniflex, please read on. You won’t find anything more reliable than this is.

    Cogniflex brain booster

    The Honest-to-Goodness List of What Cogniflex Can Do

    As mentioned, there are so many brain enhancing supplements getting advertised in so many platforms, practically every single minute today. Manufacturers of certain products go as far as saying that their nootropic is a genius-maker just so they will sell more. Pop a pill and be the smartest kid in class or at work with an IQ nearly as high as Einstein’s!

    Now, that is very clearly a falsehood. And at this point in time, you should not get duped by these misleading statements.

    But Cogniflex do not misrepresent in their ads. Check out their website and you will see what the supplement does for your brain:

    First, it increases concentration. Second, it improves creative capabilities. Third, it boosts energy levels. Fourth, it enhances memory recall. Finally, it elevates productivity at work.

    That’s it. Every single thing said is realistic and, more importantly, truthful.

    The Clear-Cut Explanation about How Cogniflex Works

    Some products will merely have those stamps saying ‘satisfaction guaranteed!’ on the label. Others would just have an ad which just tells prospective users to just take the pill and wait for the sure results.

    Cogni flex does so much more than that. Comprehensive research has been done before manufacturing actually started. It has undergone scientific tests to ensure that it will really be effective. And to share the knowledge to those who are thinking of giving this a try, they have listed down a clear-cut explanation on their website as to how the supplement works in and for the brain.

    You want science? They’ve got it! And they have written this in a way which would be easily understood by everyone.

    Cogniflex’s Ingredients

    Several reviews you will see on the internet has listed nearly a dozen different ingredients found in this brain booster:

    • Tyrosine
    • Hodiola Rosea
    • L-Theanine
    • Bacopa Monnieri
    • Vinpocetine
    • Huperzine A
    • Caffeine
    • L-Carnitine
    • Vitamin B-6
    • Antioxidants
    • Plant Extracts
    • Herbs

    The first six in the list above are actually the primary ingredients of Cogniflex, as found in the product’s official website. Each works to promote high mental acuity by creating more neurotransmitters, making the function of said neurotransmitters more effective, and so many more.

    The rest are additional ingredients which just makes Cogniflex a really good product. According to those who have tried it, the last six ingredients do not interfere with the function of the first six, which is good news.

    Cogniflex’s Statement on the FDA Approval

    Some nootropic manufacturers state that their product has been approved by the FDA. That, right there, is another falsehood since FDA only approves food and drugs. Supplements are not part of what they test.

    Cogniflex makes this very clear in their website. But they do state that all the ingredients put in the product have been tested and there are numerous scientific journals proving that. They even have list of magazines available for everyone where these can be read including Life Extension, Popular Science, Readers’ Digest and Alternative Medicine.

    What Makes Cogniflex Better Than the Rest?

    This cannot be said enough: the straightforward, no-frills, no-fake advertising of Cogniflex – especially the content posted on the website – is not just amazing. It is a breath of fresh air. That alone makes this brain booster a better option than the rest.

    But one really has to go through the testimonials by those who have tried several nootropics and found Cogniflex to be the best.

    The Final Verdict about Cogniflex

    Cogniflex is what it says it is – no more, no less. That is the beauty of this product. So for all those who really want that extra boost of brain energy for smarter decisions and better concentration, this really is the best nootropic available in the market today.

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